French bulldog puppy progression

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Week 1:        I am sleeping, eating and snuggling with Mom.
What more could a newborn ask for? I’m full, warm, clean and loved by all!

Week 2:        I’m so fat! All I can do is move like a baby seal…and I look like one too. My 1st photo shoot happens  this week …sigh. Also, my eyes are opening and what a world. At least I can see where I’m going…sort of.  My mom is really keeping me all clean and oh so cute.

Week 3:  My human mom Nancy is having to help with keeping me and my bed clean. My siblings are sooooo messy!  Mom Nancy is washing 3 loads a day so we can have a clean bed. whew…

Week 4:        Now is the time to let Mom Nancy know if you want to adopt me. Please make sure your application has been emailed or faxed to her. I’m now on the move a bit more. You can see me getting up on my legs more now. I’m learning social skills now. Playtime is so fun…but I get tired easy and just fall asleep where I’m at. I am getting my baby teeth in and Mom will begin weaning me soon. Mom Nancy gives me extra nurishment too as Mom doesn’t like my new teeth very much. sigh…

This is optional but you can send me a puppy blanket and a pillow case or t-shirt with your scent on it. This will help me get use to you before we meet. Something you have slept with or a t-shirt you have worked out in works well too. Be sure to send the item  in a zip-lock bag. Having your scent with me will help me to know you before we meet…and I will bond with you even quicker!

Week 5:  I’m doing lots of playing and socializing right now. I get to go outside if it is nice and play in my playpen. Outside is so interesting and fun! I’m learning to use wee wee pads too. You are welcome to come meet me anytime you want. I’d love to show you my room and my toys. You can meet my Mommy, Daddy and mom Nancy too!

Week 6:           I get my 1st real BATH this week. My potty training is coming along. I’m doing my best but sometimes I make a mistake. I’m eating softened kibble too. Mom Nancy feeds me Fromm Gold Puppy kibble. I love it!  She order’s it from Chewy’

Week 7:         I’m learning to walk in a harness with a leash. Mom Nancy says I’m such a smart puppy. I think so too.

Week 8:         I might be ready to come home now. Have you read all of the “Caring for Frenchies” page? Are you ready for me? Have you PUPPY PROOFED the house? Is my bed and play area all ready? Do you have Nylabone and or Donkey Kong toys for me??? I can’t have rawhide. I might choke on it. MOST important…do you have my food? Mom Nancy gives you some when you come to get me. She  knows how I love to eat.

My Mom Nancy may decide  that I need to stay with my Mom a little longer. I might not weigh enough or might need a little more time perfecting my eating habits. Personally, I think Mom Nancy just doesn’t want to see me leave. She loves me sooooo much. I am looking forward to coming home with you tho!

Let Mom Nancy know if you need anything else before I get there. You will get a copy of my medical report, AKC papers, kibble, some Diatomaceous Earth, a couple of toys, my stainless steel bowl, wee wee pads and one of my blankets when you come to get me. See you soon!