French Bulldogs in Texas

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Caring for French Bulldogs is fairly easy. Frenchies are great house pets and should be kept indoors during hot or cold weather. If the weather is mild, then they can be let outdoors in a fenced area only. Never let a frenchie run free! If you have a pool, fence it off. Most French Bulldogs cannot swim. Buy them a life jacket. Please!!!!!

How to care for your puppy when meal time comes: We feed Grandma Lucy’s dehydrated as it has never been recalled. We also feed Fromm and Merrick small kibble. Please read labels and check this site for recalled food.

Home cooked food is best, but you can find great food with a lot of research. There are a lot of recipes out there…just BING it. (I don’t use Google)

The best toys are very very very hard ones. Moose horns are perfect and they last for years. They will chew up things easily and get stuff lodged in their throat. No rawhide unless they are large items and you are there to supervise to cut off the material when it gets soft. (yuck) Yep, I do it. Anything on the floor is fair game. They will eat anything! I now have a cleaner house do to my dogs. *smile*

Limit the amount of exercise. Because of their pug faces, they can and will overheat. If this happens, use a cold cloth and hold¬† on their paws one at a time and then their bellies and head. Cool them down slowly. I’ve only had to do this once. Anna loves to chase a dog that we rescued. I now know to limit the time she does this. They are not overly active except in spurts. They spend most of their time loving on you or chewing hard bones. OK…they nap a lot too. These dogs are perfect for apartments or condos.

Grooming is easy also. Do not bathe more than once a week if possible. Less is better. I trim toenails every 2 weeks (can be done weekly to make the quick shorten). I use a battery powered Dremel on the lowest speed. They usually nap while this is being done. I have a mitt that I brush them with almost daily. One side has a special cloth that removes excess hair. Pet stores carry these. I also use an organic shampoo that is very mild or Aveeno baby wash oatmeal fragrance-free (dark blue cap). I never get their heads wet. I clean their heads and face with a wash cloth. Make sure you clean those lovely wrinkles daily if possible. I use a cotton ball with either Witch Hazel or Peroxide. Dry well with a soft cloth when you are done. I clean their ears every 2 weeks also. I use a product that my vet gave me. DO NOT get water in their ears.  Over cleaning will cause problems too. Keep their ears dry by putting cotton balls in them when bathing and you will be fine.

I crate trained mine and I suggest it because it makes house-breaking easier. Also, if there is ever a need for them to be confined, they won’t be upset and stressed over it. I like to be prepared for anything. Life happens! sigh… We let 3 dogs at a time sleep with us. Crates serve a purpose though, so I suggest people training pups to be comfy with them.

When house training, I use Wee Wee pads from Tractor Supply Co. I make a large square with them and then I start making the square smaller and smaller. Puppies will always have to go after eating and upon waking from a nap. Just take and place them on the square and tell them to potty (or whatever word you want them to associate this action with). I can take mine outside and tell them, and they will. Makes it much nicer when the weather isn’t so great. I always praise them. Even now…they are so proud of themselves.

I give Diatomaceous Earth 100% food grade daily to my pups, dogs and my husband. It will keep my pups and dogs worm free as well as perform a ton of health benefits. Cheap too!

I no longer vaccinate my dogs, except for rabies. It’s the law. Rather, I use holistic methods to keep them healthy. I now sell the products I use on this site. Check out the Pet Supply Store. I’ve gotten away from chemicals period. The days of poisoning our loving pets are over in this house. After extensive research and personal experience, I have made this decision. I know there will be people who will disapprove of my methods, cause I use to be one of them. When I sell a puppy, I consider it no longer mine. The new owner can make their own decisions on how to raise their pup. I will always be available to help but I will not force my views on anyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!