Frenchies are expensive to breed and raise period!

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People who raise French Bulldogs do so for either the love of the breed or for money. Those who do so for love spend what they feel is needed in order to have healthy pups. Those who do it for the money spend as little as possible. They just want what appears to be a healthy puppy to sell for as much money as possible, even though they usually sell them cheaper than a lot of other breeders. This is my opinion. The prices on my pups fall in between the high dollar show prices and the low ball money grubbers. Why? Because I just wanted to sell good quality French Bulldog puppies at  prices that I might be able to make a small profit on and yet help those wanting such dogs to boot. I think you ought to be able to get a really good Frenchie pup at less than $4,000.00 for goodness sakes.  I’m an honest person, and I’d say anyone that puts as much work into my litters as I do, hopes to make a profit at some point.   Below are the so called clinical reasons for the high prices of French Bulldog puppies:

1.) The vast majority cannot breed on their own. Stud fees run from $500 to $2500 and they have to be artificially inseminated ($150 per at 4 to 5 times). This brings on more expense as the female will under go tests to find out when she is ovulating. This can cost up to $750.00 depending on how many blood tests are taken. IF she takes and carries the pups to full term, then a c-section ($800.00) is scheduled. She cannot deliver naturally. If the pups are taken too soon, they will not be fully developed and will die. The mother will also not  come in with milk which is vital to their health. If taken too late, they will detach from the placenta and suffocate or get stuck in the birth canal…leading to their death and sometimes the death of their mother. If everything, goes as planned, you still can end up with complications leading to bottle feeding and cleaning their private parts in order for them to urinate and pass stools. The average litter size is 3 puppies.

2.) I’m tired, so I’ll post more later.