Functional Genomics: Multinational Program

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The main aim of the European Science Foundation program was to enhance the development of functional genomics R & D in Europe. The program was designed in the way to bring a wide range of functional genomics researchers and get advantage of novel technologies and information with integrated approach. The program was made to share the information and knowledge with the like minded unique scientist like people of all the ages. There was pan-European approach made for researching through the programs and make collaboration with participating nations. click here for more details.

The set up of the European Science Foundation program was made for the span of 5 years and it was funded by scientific research in 23 supporting countries. The steering committee consisted of senior scientists representing each country. They conduct meeting once in a year for evaluation of success of previous events and setting up directions for the coming year. for related information, visit :

Functional Genomics

The major areas of functional genomics were covered in the program:

  • DNA arrays and chips in mutation detection and expression profiling
  • Proteomics: Identification, expression and Interaction of proteins
  • Phenotypic change analysis from genetic disruption
  • Describing the cellular systems by data, predictions and simulations
  • Combinational and integrated functional genomics data for deriving biological knowledge
  • Data management including databases and interfaces

There are training courses, workshops, grant exchanges and lecture courses designed for short term inter-lab visits. The website is set up for coordination of events and use of resources in the field of international functional genomics.

There is relevant information given on the new events and the previous reports from the old meetings. These are circulated among the community members and it is feasible to do it with ‘Join Us’ button on the top of each page. The scientists can add new details and even search for experts in any field.