Genomics and its Research Areas

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Genomics is the subset of genetics having application for recombinant DNA, sequencing and assembly methods. It involves discovery based research to understand the complex biological systems of the human body. This field involves the efforts to study DNA sequencing and in-depth genetic mapping. It also includes the studies of several phenomenon and interaction within the genome. The research of single genes doesn’t include in the genomics unless it has the aim for having effect in genetics in any way.

Functional Genomics

Functional genomics involves the usage of vast database involving the usage of genomic projects for data production. Functional genomics have main focus on the dynamic aspects, such as gene translation, transcription and protein interactions. Functional genomics attempts to give answers to all the functioning of DNA levels and their genomics approach. for more related information, visit :


It is the study of the complete set of epigenetic modifications on the genetic material of the cell. These are reversible effects on DNA without changing the DNA sequence in any way. Epigenetic modifications play an integral role in expression and regulation of the genes and have involvement in numerous processes linked with development and differentiation of processes.

Genomics and its Research Areas


It is involves the study of meta-genomes, which is a genetic material recovered from the environmental samples. It has the involvement with eco-genomics, community and environment. It offers the powerful way of viewing the microbial world having the capability to revolutionize the entire living world.

Structural genomics

Structural genomics describes the 3D structure of every protein having encoding with the given genome. It follows the approach of experimenting and modeling under one process. There is traditional prediction that the protein focuses on the large number of sequenced genomes and solved structures. It focuses on structure determination and experimental methods to a protein of known structure. It rises the new ideas to determine protein from its 3D formation.