Pro-Bio Faraday Partnership

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A Faraday Partnership helps in promotion of improved interactive sessions between the UK Science, engineering and technology based program with the aim of process innovation. It brings all the researchers and scientists together for involvement of organizations, societies and government agencies.

Faraday Partnerships give strength to the technological derivations and new product developments. The active players progress under the common sector theme and technology with some pre-defined common targets and working methods. It makes the innovation for effective use of resources with sectional and self-interested group. Faraday partnerships have key importance to the industrial progress of the UK.

Pro-Bio Faraday Partnership


The main aim behind the Pro-Bio Faraday Partnership is to undertake safety improvements, environmental and economic industry. It also focuses on the development of new technology and implementing it within different industries. Pro-Bio makes target on the companies using bio-catalysis and the ones not having expertise for realizing the whole potential of the faster developing field. Pro-Bio activities are split into two sections: aiming at generic activities and helping the individual members. for related information, visit :

Generic activities: Research programs are conducted on regular basis to administer the results. There are many submissions done for producing technology based reports each year. Workshops are held every year for providing a common platform to the experts for presenting information to the community. Pro-bio also interacts with the external organizations and hold joint events for getting assistance on the joint programs. There are technology roadmaps made for the strategic advancements.

Company specific/Individual Activities: All companies are visited by the technology translator. There are potential solutions meant for assisting the companies to gauge best benefits out of bio-catalysis. There is assistance for identification of potential grants and funds for demonstration projects, financial assistance and training opportunities. The experts perform the translations on behalf of Pro-Bio to begin the new initiatives.